Our Services

Our staff are all highly experienced experts in providing a range of lawn and garden maintenance services. Take a look at the sections below for more information.

Lawn Services

Looking after your lawn throughout the harsh Australian climates is much more affordable than replacement. Our lawn care specialists can keep your lawn looking picture-perfect all year round.

Hedge Trimming

An unruly hedge can drastically affect the overall appearance of your property. Our gardeners provide trimming and general care of all hedges, trees and shrubs.

Garden Maintenance

In this fast-paced world there is nothing quite like taking a moment to enjoy your very own garden. Whatever your garden oasis needs, we’re bound to have the specialist you need.

Lawn Services

A lush and healthy lawn can give the appearance of your property the kind of stand-out appearance that you can be proud of. Our professional and highly experienced lawn care experts offer a comprehensive range of lawn maintenance services to enssure that your lawn looks its best throughout every harsh Australian season. Our specialist lawn maintenance services include:

scheduled weed and pest control spraying

scheduled fertilisation programs

lawn top dressing

aeration programs

Ride-on Mowing

For all the larger complexes (residential or commercial) we have a range of machines that enable us to effectively cover both small and large properties.


Hedge Trimming

Whether you’re just looking for a once-off trim or regular shaping of trees, shrubs and hedges, our trimming specialists have the expertise to help you. Contact us to make your shrubbery and hedge design ideas come alive today.

Trimming and custom shaping

Pest control spraying

General consultation

Garden Maintenance

Our team is comprised of a diverse number of gardening professionals which means you can be assured that we have the right person to do any gardening and lawn maintenance job you need.

Tree Lopping

Tree lopping is certainly not a DIY task you should attempt. We have a fully licensed and insured tree lopping specialist who can help keep you safe.

Garden Design

Let our specialists help design and establish the garden landscape of your dreams.


Maintaining a garden as your own beautiful sanctuary requires effective irrigation.


If your gardening needs aren’t surface-level, our team can help, regardless of the project size.

Plant Selection

Whether you don’t know a weed from a flower, or you simply need a hand in making the perfect selection, we can help.

Weed Control

Insect Control

Ride-on Mowing

Cleanup Services

Cleanup Services

Low-Maintenance Design

All of our gardens are designed to be a joy, not a chore. We specialise in creating garden environments that you are guaranteed to enjoy without losing all your free time to maintenance.

Low Water Usage

Water is a precious and limited resource. All of our gardens adopt the latest in irrigation and water conservation technologies to reduce wastage. Chat to one of our irrigation specialists to find out how to do your part in looking after our planet.

Let’s Build Your Dream Garden Together

There’s nothing we love more than to help bring your garden dream into reality. We invite you to take the first step and drop us a line so we can start the journey together.